Sleep is my priority

Sleep is one of the fundaments of happiness. That's why it's among my priorities.

I unfollowed you, but it's ok

Twitter is full of smart people. I may have unfollowed some of them, but it's ok.

Feedback after DevConf 2017

Feedback is important for us to become better. Please do share your thoughts about DevConf 2017 with us.

Goodbye DevDay, Welcome DevConf!

Me and Rafał have been organising DevDay together for 6 years. The time has come to do a new conference completely on our own. We are proud to announce DevConf!

GET.NET Łódź 2017

I love conferences and I love Łódź, that's why I'm helping to organise GET.NET Łódź 2017.

My Dream Job

I like to think about characteristics of a dream job and what it means to me. What would it be like, how would I feel doing it. This helps me understand what should I pursue or how should I influence my current environment to be closer to this ideal.

DevDay - an annual attempt to get community inspired

I have seen at least one person with a spark in the eye after DevDay. I'm happy!

WROC# - another software developers conference in Poland

Software developers conference scene in Poland has changed since 2009 and it is changing for better.

Why You Should Speak At Meetups And Conferences

For those of you scared or reluctant to present at meetups and conferences: Speak up! I'd like to listen to you.

Developer Day - A Day Dedicated To Learning New Things

We decided to dedicate one day a month to learn completely new technology, all members of our team.