DevDay 2013 - registration opened

DevDay, software developers conference held in Kraków which I co-organize for three years now, will happen 20th of September 2013. We just opened registration. Conference is free of charge but there’s limited number of seats so we ask everyone to fill in the form quite similar to TEDx conferences. All videos will be available online after the conference, as well.

DevDay logo

This year on our speakers list we have:

but it’s not all - we still have few people to announce.

Last year we had an honour of hosting Scott Hanselman, Greg Young, Sebastien Lambla, Mark Rendle, Martin Mazur, Rob Ashton, Antek Piechnik.

Apart from great speakers, DevDay is all about meeting people, exchanging opinions, knowledge and having fun!

Is it worth coming? People attending DevDay 2011 and DevDay 2012 were very happy to experience this conference atmosphere. If you ask me - I love conferences and I’m doing my best so that DevDay would be a Fest for Programmers. Hopefully it’ll be for you. Register, come, gather and share knowledge, have fun!