Øredev 2013 - inspirational conference

What makes an event particularly excellent? If it’s community driven, non-profit and focus on people. Øredev still has it all.

One of the biggest software development conferences in Europe, held in Malmö, Sweden, for the whole week (2 days of workshops and 3 days of sessions) made once again Skåne region happy to share knowledge and get inspired.

Why I love Øredev? Because apart from tech sessions provided by world-class speakers, often gurus in the field, it is full of inspirational talks which touch me inside, teach me seeing things from different perspective and get me going for the whole year. And you can meet some really beautiful minds during breaks, at the after-party or in the Green Lion next to the conference venue.

If you’d really like to start seeing what kind of people presented at Øredev, watch keynote from Randall Munroe: “Art and code with xkcd”. There is also one session from Thomas Q Brady, which was also excellent in my opinion: “Shakespeare in dev”. Other videos from this year’s conference can be found here or directly on vimeo. I’ll be making a post for each one interesting after I watch some more of which I couldn’t attend.

There were many people engaged in organizing Øredev this year and many in the past. Their combined efforts over the years make this event so important to me. My personal thanks go to Emily Holweck this year because she put big part of her heart into making it special for us - attendees.

Øredev is one of the best tech conferences in Europe and my personal favourite - it is definitely a place to be if you’re in software development world and looking for inspiration and knowledge.