Matthew McCullough "The Third Wave of Artfulness in Code"

Matthew McCullough took all of his courage and talked about art at tech conference - Øredev 2013 (amazing one by the way). Matthew is a Github Trainer and Git proponent. His talk was one of the keynotes and I must say - he did really an amazing job in delivering his reasoning.

Matthew McCullough - “The Third Wave of Artfulness in Code” from Øredev Conference.

While I don’t know if I’m convinced whether coding is an art or not even after Matthew’s great attempt to convince us - it doesn’t matter. It’s a great, amazingly performed keynote that walks us through similarities of our profession to work of an artist. It has some good examples, accurate analogies, well thought confrontations.

I would highly recommend to watch Matthew’s talk to look at what we do daily from another perspective. Can be really refreshing.