Thomas Q. Brady - "Shakespeare in Dev"

This is by far my favourite talk from Øredev 2013. Thomas Q. Brady in his “Shakespeare in Dev” changes the way I think about designers, design technologists, User Experience in general. After revelation that guys dealing with UX gave me in my current job - this talk finally nailed it.

I’ll tell you why you should watch this video. Apart from great sense of humour Thomas has - he shows a perspective that is not very common among developers. He was actually invited to see the other side of things (designers’ perspective) and he went back from there, full of compassion to his coworkers, full of understanding what is the best for his users. The same could happen to you hearing the talk. This could be your turning point.

Another thing totally awesome in the talk - it has some inspiring stories baked in. It’s worth watching just for that. Made my appetite for attending South by Southwest, for participating in secret projects, for working with designers - bigger.

Well, enough of spoiling here - go and watch it - you won’t regret.

Ah, one more thing. Just came to my mind:

A good talk tells you a story. A good talk not only teaches you something - it changes you. This is a hell of a good talk.

Thanks Thomas!