How to open a new office.

Does your company open a new office soon? Think of organizing an opening party. Invite people from community. That’s really a cool thing to do.

You’re showing your company to the others and get a chance of attracting talents. You increase awareness of your products. And you give an opportunity for people from the industry to meet.

I’m a big fan of like-minded people gatherings because the more connection those people have the more great things they can do together. And this is yet another way of making those connections and spending some time together.

I’ve been invited to StackExchange Office Warming Party by Marco Cecconi and it was exactly like I imagined - great. Well spent time. Thanks Marco!

It was happening on 27th of February in London. There were of course StackExchange employees (some of them working from distant locations like Yaakov Ellis). There was co-founder Joel Spolsky. There were people from startup communities in London, also Wendy Devolder from Skillsmatter (together with author of previous great Skillsmatter’s website). Some friends like Ben Hall and a lot of other great people I have met for the first time.

It’s a nice office and located in a nice surrounding full of startups.

I love code

Companies should do those kinds of openings and invite people from community. And if you’re invited to one of those - go and meet people, it’s a great way of starting something cool in the future.

And of course there’s a tone of other opportunities to meet people from industry - like user groups, conferences. It’s not only about sessions, it’s about networking as well. So if you happen to be at user group - go and talk to people between sessions - go with them somewhere afterwards. If we want to form a community, not a bunch of strangers - let’s talk to each other and meet.

And I guess life’s too short not to celebrate such an opening.