Great companies attract awesome people, smart companies show it.

I like to work with awesome people. Let me explain what awesome means to me in terms of a co-worker.

I used to work with this great guy from whom I got most inspiration and knowledge - Marcin. Every day was a pleasure and every day I learned something about software development. Intensive times. Fun times. He would enter the office in the morning telling that he came up with an idea how to solve the problem we were having the previous day. He definitely was thinking about it in the previous evening or on his way to work. I was constantly stimulated with ideas and my hunger for learning was becoming bigger and bigger.

After quiting that company I had to become mature when it comes to my personal development. I started reading everyhing Marcin showed me - books, articles, blogs. I was using every single moment to get more knowledge about what I was about to be doing for years to come.

I started to meet brilliant people at conferences as well. Sometimes they would be speakers - sometimes they would be “just” attendees but even short conversation with them gave you ton of new ideas that you’d be consuming next couple of weeks.

Awesome people stimulate you - sometimes they teach you, sometimes they give you inspiration to learn more by their own example. You look at their strive to be a better at what you’re doing and want to take the same journey. No matter if they’re seniors or juniors - you respect them for their attitude.

You recognize them also by their strong community approach. They would be speaking to people and sharing their knowledge, they would be helping in organizing communities, they would be blogging, trying to connect people. They would be loud-mouths and doers the same time. Those people I get attracted to - those people I’d like to work with - people taking their personal development into their hands and doing something about it. People caring about their profession and trying to contribute to the sum of human knowledge in the field. Passionate people having fun at what we’re doing.

It’s not long since companies recognized this very well - those people will be attracting others. Who wouldn’t want to work with those awesome software developers - active, knowleadgable and in constant strive to be better. Please sign me up if you will.

I’m looking at SoftwareMill and they’re already proud to have bloggers, community leaders, conference speakers and they’re showing this on the top of their site. Polidea takes step further - they show where employees can be seen - to take opportunity to talk to them at conferences. I’ll sure take this chance! tretton37 has OSS contributors, conference speakers, bloggers among themselves. They take sharing knowledge and constant learning seriously. GitHub has a lot of speakers, one of them - Zach Holman even writes about speaking very well. Not to mention that Githubbers speak at most conferences. JetBrains has also some very good speakers like Hadi Hariri or Maarten Balliauw. I haven’t seen any conference in a while without their presence. Another good example is OpenTable - they blog about technical subjects and they have Paul Stack who is speaking at average 15 conferences a year being DevOps extremist and authority in a field as I presume.

I don’t know if it’s only me but I value those companies more because of people who work there. They can have great products or great services but this is great people who attract others - this is very true for me.

I work with people who speak at conferences, people who are visible at user groups, people in constant curiosity about technology, learning every day and spreading their enthusiasm on others. I work with awesome people at ABB too.

I’d like to mention a guy with whom I worked the most - @rafek - he gives me a positive boost every day. Thanks man, it’s a pleasure working with you!

Can’t wait to see more and more people at ABB showing their presence in community. Can’t wait to show you how awesome people we have at our company.

If you are a developer and you try to hide from the world - please don’t do it, come out of the shadow and show us who you are - come to the user group, talk to strangers at a conference, write a blog post and tweet about it. Do something so that we can get to know you. It’ll make you better as a developer and also help your company to build a better community-oriented culture!