NDC 2014 - becoming an inspirational conference

NDC Oslo 2014 is over. I already have blues after the conference waiting for another opportunity to listen to talks, talk to people and turn on this inspired-mode which I normally have during conferences. NDC was yet another opportunity to experience that.

As I could go on and on explaining to you how wonderful it is to be a part of this conference I’d rather focus on encouraging you to go and watch videos for yourself. They’re already available here. 158 videos! Most of them available an hour after the talk. Unbelievable! Another unbelievable fact is that during those 3 days with 9 tracks of sessions - not a single one was cancelled or rescheduled - what a fantastic job NDC.

I had a long list of talks I wanted to watch - with 9 parallel tracks - I couldn’t make it during the conference. And I don’t like overflow room where you can watch in parallel those 9 sessions. I will be catching up with NDC and posting some notes on interesting sessions further on.

But let me at least recommend you couple of sessions I’ve already watched:

  • Mark Rendle - History of Programming: Part 1

    This is a talk I didn’t unfortunately attend but watched on a plane going back… and regret not watching it in person very much now. Video is good but it’s not the same. Especially with this kind of talk. Which is basically a stand-up comedy.

    Mark tells a story about programming languages which is funny, entertaining and probably didn’t leave any language without some scar. Totally recommended when you want to laugh a lot.

  • Luke Wroblewski - “It’s a Write/Read (Mobile) Web”

    This was a keynote in the very first day. I didn’t even realize that world moved so much to the mobile. I didn’t realize that there are studies how many fingers we use when operating on our mobile. I didn’t realize so many things those guys are working on constantly. It’s Mobile Web now - it’s obvious - but watch this video to get to know how much mobile it is, how it works and what can you do to jump in.

  • Paul Stack - “Docker is the future of shipping our code”

    Paul is DevOps extremist and I can’t imagine him not playing with latest innovation in the field - containers on steroids - Docker. It makes you a promise of your apps deployed seemlessly to Testing, QA and Prod environments. Paul explains basics of Docker and scenarios it can be used for. Watch it to understand what Docker can do for you.

  • Scott Hanselman - “How C# Saved my Marriage, Enhanced my Career and Made Me an Inch Taller”

    I waited for this talk and wasn’t disappointed. After FluentConf I want to see Hanselman making jokes. I don’t even come for Microsoft stuff - not interested. I want to sit and spend an enjoyable hour with his great sense of humour and apparently - talent for explaining hard concepts in an easy way. Well done Mr. Scott! I’ll be watching this over and over again probably.

  • Denise Jacobs - “Banish Your inner critic”

    Ever felt like procrastinating, chasing your own perfectionism? Denise is cured perfectionist and procrastinator. ‘Cured’ means - it can return any time. But there are ways to handle that. There are ways to gain self-confidence and actually start making things instead of looking for an ideal. Denise helps in identifying those ways - she’s all walking happiness and energy. Watch it to grab some this energy from her.

  • Hadi Hariri - “Developing in a Decade”

    This is probably the most important talk from NDC Oslo. Hadi is talking about developers’ responsibility to change the world. Our responsibility as those who are in position to make it actually happen. This talk conveys a message to all of us to remember where this world could be heading to without conscious direction. I highly recommend this talk as in times of chasing after new-shiny-technology we need to ask ourselves “Why?” not “How?”.

There’s way much more videos! If you watched something interesting - please share this with us, there’s no way all of us will watch 158 videos - we need recommendations.

I like the way NDC is changing. Not only .NET stuff right now, not only purely technical talks - I like seeing more fun stuff and more inspiring ones. Good direction NDC! I like it!