Developer Day - A Day Dedicated To Learning New Things

We decided to dedicate one day a month to learn completely new technology, all members of our team. We called it “developer day” - it’s quite similar to DevDay in terms of that it’s meant to be a fest for us. It’s really all about learning.

Things we touched during this day are for example:

  • creating a PR for AngularJS
  • understanding Ionic Framework better, using it to build an app using Ionic Creator
  • seeing how to create iOS 8 CocoaTouch framework (called also iOS Universal Framework)
  • playing with WebSharper to create a web project
  • Fullstack JS - playing with Yeogurt - React, Flux, Node, Backbone… lots of things…
  • understanding ReactJS more for DevAgenda project
  • having fun with FunScript - Maciek
  • NancyFx with F#
  • playing with Freya framework

Some of them resulted in creating workable solutions, some of them were a pure learning excercises.

I managed to build very simple web app using F# and WebSharper. I tried to write a summary during the day. Here it is.

I have to say - for me this experiment worked extremely well. I got excited that I can do something totally unrelated to my day to day activities. I got interested in new technology and basically learned something.

I would encourage every team to do yourself a favor and spend just one day to learn something new.

Tomorrow we’ll have a session on what we learned and of course a round of feedback on how to make it better next time.

I’ll update this post after I learn what other members of our team have achieved!