WROC# - another software developers conference in Poland

I don’t recall anything like WROC# in Poland back in 2009 when I started thinking about conferences as a way to broaden my knowledge. The only option to listen and talk to international, high-profile speakers was to visit one of the foreign conferences. It’s changing rapidly nowadays.

WROC# organizing team did a great job in creating really good conference experience for Polish .NET community. They draw yet another line on this bigger picture of stimulating community and sharing knowledge.


There was a time when I wanted to listen to stars when it comes to software development. It’s quite nice to listen to framework creators, book writers, experts on certain topics and stand in their light. However after years of attending conferences I learned that almost everyone has some interesting story to tell, not only stars.

WROC# had a really good lineup of speakers, I especially loved the fact that I met Dan once again whom I can listen to and discuss with for hours. I also liked morning presentation by Christian Heilmann. Those were good introductions to further discussions with rest of speakers.

However what really shined at WROC# was even more important than great speakers they had - community.


Polish .NET developers community is more active than ever before. People travel long distances for an event, they speak at meetups and conferences, they talk to each other.

There are more and more initiatives aimed towards software developers like DevTalk, Polish software development podcast done by Maciek Aniserowicz.

People from our community opened themselves on other communities and therefore we have some connections and mix of people from Ruby and .NET for example. This is also great!

Before WROC# there was a special meetup with 3 sessions on CQRS by Gutek, Maciek and Mirek. I think there might have been over 100 people attending. Great way to start a conference - meet already the day before.

This all was so much visible at WROC#, people talking to each other, sharing their experiences. Even discussion panel at the conference had many questions asked by people on Twitter, people were engaged and open enough to fully participate in the conference.

Polish .NET community is great and active, I can’t wait for even more initiatives popping up in the future!

We need more conferences like this

Congratulations to organizing team for doing the conference. Łukasz Gąsior - thanks for an invite. I know there’s more people involved in doing it - thank you all! You did a great job!

Polish .NET community had a place and a reason to meet once again which is totally awesome. There will be another opportunity on 18th of April in Łódź at GET.NET conference. Hope to see you there as well!

The more such events the better for our community!

Therefore if there’s anything I can do to help in organizing your conference in future years, I raise my hand! I volunteer to help! Let’s raise our hands, people!

If you need a person who will do a registration and wish participants a good conference with a smile on a face - pick me!

If you need someone to move chairs or tables, take care of someone, take care of a room or sandwiches - pick me!

If you need a help in contacting some speakers - pick me, I can help!

If there’s any other way I can help, I will!

We need more events like this and we need to support such initiatives!

DevDay local

We have became better in making conferences with high profile speakers in Poland. There are also events with high profile Polish speakers, taken from a quite small group, people already activated as speakers who gained some speaking experience. What I particularly lack is a small local conferences having local developers as speakers, encouraging more people to share their experience.

I would like to see, let’s say, “DevDay local”, in couple of cities in Poland in the near future. Developers fest but mostly for local community. That could fill the gap between famous stars and the rest of us. After all, we are just people in the same room.

Thanks WROC# for putting us in the same room for the whole day, this was stimulating!