DevDay - an annual attempt to get community inspired

DevDay 2015

Why do I go to conferences? To be inspired, to be a part of the community, to learn something new. It’s hard to make a conferenence without any of these. I’m the person who finds it easy to talk to people and I feel already a part of the community. What about the other two then?

Inspiration is like a spark. It can be one brilliant presentation at the conference, one sentence at some session, one hallway conversation with another attendee and I’m excited, coming back with a head full of new ideas. Every conference has this little spark.

There were brilliant and less awesome conferences of course. I believe organizers do hard work to fill in conference days with variety of subjects, trying to make people with various interests and levels of experience happy. Sometimes it plays along well, other times it falls apart due to many reasons. We create our programme with care and love. Being developers ourselves and visiting many conferences, we have a slight idea of what would be interesting.

I’m happy when someone has this spark in the eye coming back from our conference, the same thing I had coming back from my beloved Øredev in 2010. Did we inspire someone this year? I think so, I hope so! Looking at feedback after the conference, there are many people who are really excited about what they saw and heard. They’re also excited about the opportunity to talk to other like-minded people.

I’m thankful for all the feedback we got, without it we couldn’t improve (and we want to improve massively next year, we can’t stop ideas flowing around our heads). Speakers do appreciate this feedback as well because they’re trying to be better at what they’re doing. Being a speaker myself I can’t understand all of the feedback we got from our attendees though. Sometimes it was harsh and thoughtless. I don’t mind honest, constructive critique but sometimes we had people just trying to express themselves rather than to help speakers improve.

Having more speakers this year we got more opportunities for less known and less experienced people to take the stage but it’s needed to let some air and refresh speaker lineup from time to time.

It’s all about sessions and networking, after 5 years of doing DevDay community around it is vibrant, willing to meet. Whatever we would do, they would meet anyway. This is one of the shining elements of this year’s conference.

I’m very happy with how DevDay 2015 went. Looking at those little sparks in the eyes of our attendees, at what people learned, looking at how community was stimulated - it was a complete success. In the future I’d like more people to feel the same.

We already started working on the next edition, we will probably change the venue with more space to implement all of the ideas we had and community sent us over years. We will also work super-hard to provide topics and speakers who will inspire, teach something new. I cannot wait to do it again!

We will continue to try to make this conference as a devFest for the community. We know how engaged the community around DevDay is and we would like to give back as much as we can. Let’s make the next DevDay together!

Mark your calendars with DevDay 2016 - 15-16th of September 2016!