My Dream Job

I like to think about characteristics of a dream job and what it means to me. What would it be like, how would I feel doing it. This helps me understand what should I pursue or how should I influence my current environment to be closer to this ideal.

I was born a fortunate human being. I can think of how my dream job would look like already having a job which pays my bills! Whatever led me to the point I’m at (and I’m certain there are many things which contributed to it) I’m grateful for it!

What does this dream job consist of?

  1. Purpose
  2. Independence
  3. Self development
  4. Inspiring people & supportive team
  5. Feedback
  6. Recognition
  7. Money
  8. Environment
  9. Challenges
  10. Fun, happiness & passion

Let me elaborate a bit on these points.

  1. Purpose

    It’s important to me to do things that have a cause. That’s why I engaged myself in a work for communities of different sorts. Some of this work wasn’t related to IT.

I wasn’t ever dreaming of disrupting the world but I like the feeling which comes along when helping someone or making someone’s life easier.

Helping someone in self-development is another source of enormous satisfaction to me.

  1. Independence

    I may be this kind of an animal which works well when given a lot of freedom to choose preferable ways of achieving a goal. I’m quite good at motivating myself.

I feel I don’t need a boss anymore. I am ready to plan my self-development and to choose direction for a company I’m a part of. I am able to plan my time and set goals. No need for micromanaging.

I had good managers who helped me to develop myself but I think I reached the point I would rather set the direction myself.

I know there will always be clients who are demanding and there will be peers with whom I can collaborate and learn from, it’s only line managers not needed for me at the moment.

In my dream job I have a lot of independence.

  1. Self development

    I was really amazed after watching movie Jiro Dreams Of Sushi because it presents how I feel about self-development. It requires hours of hard work and sometimes sacrifice but this path to excellence is the only one which brings true satisfaction.

And I’m probably wrong here, there are countless ways of getting there.

It’s important though that job supports self-development and rewards it. One reward that comes to my mind is that you are encouraged and allowed to build better products/tools because of a deeper or wider knowledge you have.

  1. Inspiring people & supportive team

    People are very important ingredient of my satisfaction from the job. I love working in an environment that supports each other and motivates to become better at what we’re doing.

I had an opportunity to work with great people in my carrer. I learned from them, was inspired by their energy and will to make good things, I was in awe of their knowledge which motivated me to become better, I also met kind and classy people at places where I worked.

In my dream job there is supportive team willing to help each other which consists of individuals who may inspire you to become better!

  1. Feedback

    It’s much harder to make a progress without a feedback. You may be going in the wrong direction, you may be losing effect of positive reinforcement or in the worst case lose a motivation to do anything in an environment totally lacking feedback.

How it should be done, what ratio of praise to critique should be used, what techniques are better than others - is a more complex subject but it’s important for me that the culture of feedback is present at the organisation I’m at. It means that the organisation is constantly figuring out those details based on the people who are in.

  1. Recognition

    One aspect of feedback is recognition for what you are doing. Creating products which are well received by users or creating code which is well received by your peers will have a postive effect on your job satisfaction. At least it has a positive effect on me.

Sometimes all you need is a tap on a shoulder by your peer but it’s also great if your users love your product! In my dream job users love my product.

  1. Money

    I realised many of the thoughts I put into this post are perfectly embodied in a short video about motivation I got to watch some time ago. It also brilliantly summarises how I perceive money as a motivator: “The best use of money as a motivator is to pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table.” from “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us”. Please go and watch this video simply because it’s brilliant and summarises the subject much better than I’m doing it here.

  2. Environment

    My dream job is not 9-5 but with flexible hours. It’s remote-first which means it’s remote if you want it to and creates opportunities to meet physically whenever needed.

In my dream job you’re the one to decide on what hardware you’re using and how your workplace looks like.

  1. Challenges

    Solving problems is extremely satisfying because it leads to better understanding of the world. It also proves your smarts so lot of people seek challenges in their job. I also like how it stimulates many parts of my brain.

If it hadn’t been for complex and interesting problems I can solve at my job I wouldn’t be at IT probably. It’s important to have this intellectual stimulation constantly.

  1. Fun, happiness and passion

    “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”.

People who know me surely don’t need explanation here. It landed on 10th place but the order of those bits is not important. Without having fun at my job, without putting all my passion in it I would be miserable, I wouldn’t be myself. My dream job is a place at which I can give the world a reason to dance!


So is my current job a perfect one? I hope it’ll never be perfect so I have a motivation to improve it. For sure it’s giving me a lot of reasons to be happy!

I wish you find your dream job. It’s a journey on which you have to define what it means to you. You can change your current job or you can change things at your current job. This alone can be satisfying, enjoy this journey! Let me know how it went!