GET.NET Łódź 2017

I love conferences. Attending them, speaking at them and organising them. I feel addicted to the atmosphere of the fest. Talking to other like-minded people, sharing our knowledge and experience, feeling the vibe of the community.

I also love Łódź, I lived there for 6 years. This is one of the most interesting cities in Poland and I love coming back.

So, that’s why I am so happy to be helping to organise GET.NET Łódź 2017! GET.NET

I was a speaker at this conference in 2014, I helped a little in 2015, and now I’m returning with responsibility for this year’s Łódź edition programme.

I would like to invite you to this great conference; it’s happening on the 22nd of April and the team of organisers is doing everything it can to make it a real dev fest!

If you feel like sharing your knowledge with others, the Call For Papers is opened till 19th of February! It should be announced on the official conference website.

I honestly hope to see you and talk to you in Łódź at #GETNET.

Perhaps you’d also like to run a marathon, or maybe 10k, the next day? :)