Goodbye DevDay, Welcome DevConf!

Rafał and I have been organising DevDay together for 6 years. The time has come to do a conference completely on our own. While it’s sad we won’t be doing DevDay anymore, we’re already excited about new possibilities!

Our conference will be based on the principles we believe are the success factors of an excellent software developer’s conference:

  • inspiration - regardless of a technology, achieved by exchanging ideas,
  • learning - as a process occuring at talks but also during informal conversations,
  • focus on people and interactions - conference is about excellent sessions and great networking opportunities, we’d love to provide both.

This will be our attempt to get community inspired.

We are proud to announce to you DevConf!

We’d like to continue the best things we already established during organisation of DevDay and take them to the next level. Technology agnostic conference which aims to inspire and gather community together. You can expect high level inspirational talks as well as deep dives into certain subjects, live coding/demo-heavy sessions.

I hope you’re ready for it, book your calendar on 14-15th of September in Kraków.

See you there! Let’s get inspired together.