Feedback after DevConf 2017

Feedback is important for us to become better. It is even more important to us as conference organizers.

So, please tell us what you thought about the conference and we can be sure we improve it next year.

With this in mind, I’d like to ask you 2 things:

1) please complete our feedback form - be honest even if it’s bad news! If you have time, please also fill the additional form with feedback for the speakers - they’re craving your guidance! (the link is also available from the main feedback form)

2) please write a brief blog post about the event, it’s the perfect way to capture the moment, share your thoughts with others, recommend any worth-a-watch sessions (they will all be available on YouTube) and also to let us know where we should focus our efforts for future editions. And just think, it might be the easiest blog post for your “I would like to start/come back to regular blogging” resolution 😃

You can write to us directly at as well.

Let’s go one step further…

We’re more than happy to schedule a phone/skype call with anyone who’d like to talk about DevConf 2017 and exchange opinions. Ping us on Twitter, Fb or mail and we’ll schedule a 15-minute retrospective talk with you. You can also use for that.

Please do share your thoughts with us, we sincerely want to make DevConf the ultimate software development conference experience for you all.